Jonas Brothers top the Official Singles Chart

Having topped the Hot Chart last week, The Jonas Brothers this week claim #1 on the Official Singles Chart. Billie Eilish climbs to #1 on the Hot Chart. The new ONES TO WATCH video features Leisure, City Of Souls, Grove Roots, Daniel Armstrong and Dead Favours

DRAX Project score a 3rd Hot NZ Chart #1. The Hot NZ Chart features new entries for Rei, Nouri, Villainy, Dbldbl, Bad Timing, Jsqze, Dead Favours, Emily Muli and Israel Starr. On the NZ Album Chart there are new entries for Flight Of The Conchords and The Butlers
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#1 Single

Only Nick Jonas has previously made the NZ Top 40


#1 Hot Single

4th single from Billie to top the Hot Chart


#1 NZ Single

8th week atop the Chart

#1 Hot NZ Single

Climbs to #1 on its 6th wk on the Chart

#1 NZ Album

First topped the chart back on Jan 8th 2018